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This page contains links to research and commentary related to the Kentucky Education Reform Act.

KERA (1990-2010): What have we learned?


This report examines KERA over the past 20 years. A prime goal of this report is to insure that we avoid reintroducing any of these failed ideas as Kentucky’s education standards and the related assessment program are rebuilt.

Another goal is to raise awareness of the fact that today’s educators still don’t know enough about how kids learn. Arthur Levine, former president of Teachers College at Columbia University, has noted: “There is widespread disagreement among policymakers, researchers and practitioners about what constitutes good research and how to prepare education researchers.” As Levine and others have realized, most education research is not conducted with sufficient rigor to “show” anything with an adequate degree of certainty.

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Political leaders eager for first-class public schools had high hopes that the Kentucky Education Reform Act would raise the commonwealth out of the mire of academic failure.

However, after 20 years, the vision of KERA remains dim and its promise of great change largely unfulfilled as Progressive educators steered Kentucky’s education train in the direction of faulty fads and failed programs.

This report takes a look at the lessons learned from the Kentucky Education Reform Act.

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