Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Report on College and Career Readiness Rates

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College and Career Readiness (CCR) become an important goal for Kentucky’s public education system in recent years, so there is extensive interest in developing statistics that accurately capture each Kentucky school’s and school district’s level of success in getting more students prepared for college and/or careers. This is especially challenging because an understanding of what college and career readiness truly means is still an evolving area of study.

In addition, the currently available CCR statistics for Kentucky have been a subject of great interest outside of Kentucky because supporters of the Common Core State Standards allege that the state’s rapidly rising CCR rates indicate Common Core is working in the commonwealth.

In recognition of the importance of CCR reporting, the Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee (EAARS) requested the Kentucky Office of Education Accountability to conduct a study of the CCR reporting program in the state. That report was received and approved by the EAARS in December, 2104. The approved draft of the Kentucky Office of Education Accountability‘s new report on “A Look Inside Kentucky’s College And Career Readiness Data,” can be accessed by clicking here. It should prove important reading for Kentucky legislators, local school board members and those tracking Kentucky’s experience with the Common Core State Standards.

Readers are particularly directed to Recommendation 2.4 on page xi. It says:

Recommendation 2.4

The Kentucky Department of Education should not use the CCR measure as the sole or primary indicator when reporting progress of student outcomes over time or evaluating the impact of particular programs or policies. College and/or career readiness rates should not be used in isolation to compare student outcomes among districts and schools.