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EducationCap.png Education Freedom Kentucky logo.png About FKY
Find information about school districts, Special Needs Education, and the state's failing schools. Find contact information, Learn what FreedomKentucky is,and how you can be a part.
Transparency.png Transparency Folder.png Open Records Act
Find information about counties, cities, school districts, and schools. Keep track of the 2010 General Assembly. How to submit open records requests and find requests made in your community.
PropertyRights.png Public Pensions Dollarsign.png State Spending Database
Find articles related to pension reform, Pension Reform Legislation, the teachers retirement system, and much more... Check registers/budgets for hundreds of school districts, cities, and agencies available in a sortable database.

Rewarding FailureRewardingFailureIcon.png
Health Care ReformHealthcare.png