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McDowell Elementary School operates in the Floyd County Public Schools system in Floyd County, Kentucky. The school's principal is Jerri Turner. In 2008 the school's enrollment was 349 students. [1]

McDowell Elementary School Resources

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No Child Left Behind Status


McDowell Elementary School is considered a reconfigured school in 2008-2009. No Child Left Behind consequences reported in 2009 do not apply to the reconfigured school during school year 2009-2010. [2]

McDowell Elementary School Audits and Reports

2007-2008 Report Card

Report Card

In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, schools are required to notify parents of the school's status and progress by means of a "report card" about the school. These report cards are also available on the Kentucky Department of Education website.

The graphic representation to the right tracks School's CATS performance results since 2000. The data below the graph is a numeric representation of the school's goal ("Goal Line") and the school's actual performance ("School Index Score"). According to this data, McDowell Elementary School is meeting goals.

Site Based Decision Making Council

School Contact Information

  • Jerri
  • Phone: (606) 377-6640
  • Fax: (606) 377-6363
  • Address: 366 KY Rt 680 P.O. Box 282 McDowell, KY 41647


McDowell Elementary School Report Card 2007-2008

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