Middlesboro Independent Schools

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Middlesboro Independent Schools operates in Middlesboro, Kentucky

No Child Left Behind

Acceptable Progress

According to 2008 No Child Left Behind reports, Middlesboro Independent school district is not currently placed in a tier status. [1]

Failing Schools in Middlesboro

The following schools fall into a tier status according to 2008 No Child Left Behind reports...

Graduation Rates

Data from Kentucky Department of Education

The chart shows graduation rates for Middlesboro Independent public school district in comparison to the state average graduation rates. The chart shows the [[Middlesboro high scho

Middlesboro Independent School Board

Name Email Phone#
Eddie Ballinger eddie.ballinger@mboro.kyschools.us (606) 248-4779
Vicki M. Byrne vicki.byrne@mboro.kyschools.us (606) 248-7892
William Johnson william.johnson@mboro.kyschools.us (606) 248-7839
Edith Kelley edith.kelley@mboro.kyschools.us (606) 248-4357
Kelly Shoffner kelly.shoffner@mboro.kyschools.us (606) 248-0342

Contact Information

  • Superintendent: Darryl Wilder
    • Phone: n/a
    • Email: darryl.wilder@mboro.kyschools.us
  • Central Office:
    • Phone: (606) 242-8800
    • Fax: 242-8805
    • Address: 220 N. 20th St., P.O. Box 959, Middlesboro, KY 40965



  1. 2008 No Child Left Behind report accessed October 3, 2008