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Warning about recent NCLB results

The Bluegrass Institute has now been informed by multiple sources that there may be problems with the 2009 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) scores. There is evidence that the count of stud ents with learning disabilities listed in the various 2009 NCLB reports is incorrect for a notable number of individual schools and school districts.

A very incomplete list of districts that have identified possible problems either to the press or to the Bluegrass Institute includes Scott County, Barren County, Boone County and Campbell County.

In addition, a very brief examination of NCLB reports for the state’s two largest school districts, Jefferson County and Fayette County, indicates that there may be similar2 0problems there, as well. These brief examinations also indicate that there could be problems with the counts for students categorized as having “Limited English Proficiency.”

An incorrect count of students for any reportable subgroup can impact NCLB findings for that student subgroup as well as the overall “Adequate Yearly Progress” determination for the affected school system. The Kentucky Department of Education reports it is examining the problem; however, corrected scores may not be available until late in 2009. In the interim, users of all existing 2009 NCLB products from the Kentucky Department of Education and independent organizations, including this Web site, should consider the results as subject to change.

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