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The Associated General Contractors of Kentucky, Inc and JMK Electric Co., LLC filed suit against the Board of Education of Carter County, Kentucky and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, Kentucky Department of Education over the application of a project labor agreement for construction of a new Tygart Creek Elementary School in Olive Hill, Kentucky.[1]

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Documents related to complaint

This is a very important litigation to sustain free and open competition for construction of facilities using taxpayer dollars. Below is a list of documents associated with the lawsuit

Restrictions of the agreement

The the project labor agreement between the Carter County School Board and the Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Council limits free and open competition in Carter County. The following are specific examples of how this is displayed in the agreement.

Union Membership in Kentucky

KY union membership 89-09.jpg

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor, February 10, 2010 release on union membership in Kentucky shows union membership in decline.[2]

Unions represent only 8.6% of the Kentucky wage and salary workers in 2009 (See Chart 1).

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