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Grading is by School Level in Unbridled Learning

The standard Kentucky school district arrangement for schools is

Elementary -- Kindergarten to Grade 5,

Middle School -- Grade 6 to Grade 8, and

High School -- Grades 9 to 12.

However, a number of brick and mortar school buildings in the state have different grade arrangements such as Grades K to 8, and there are even some single building systems for K to Grade 12. Such differences created some scoring challenges for the old Kentucky Instructional Results Information System and the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System, which only reported one set of scores for each physical school regardless of the grade levels contained. Because performance can and has varied fairly dramatically by school level, the old practice made it easier, for example, for a K to Grade 8 school to appear to outscore a standard configuration middle school when the performance in the middle school grades in both schools was similar or even reversed.

To deal with such problems, Unbridled Learning reports scores separately by standard school levels. In the case of a K to Grade 8 school, Unbridled Learning returns two sets of scores for the school, one set covering performance in the elementary grades and a separate set of data for Grades 6 to 8.

As a result of this practice of separately reporting scores by school levels, there are more school score results in Unbridled Learning's Excel spreadsheets than actual physical schools in the state.